Eliminate Pet Odors in Your House

Eliminate Pet Odors in Your House

Ask us about pet urine carpet cleaning in Baltimore, MD

You love your pet, but you don’t love what they can do to your house. If your furry friend has an accident in the house, reach out to All Star Quality Services, LLC for pet urine carpet cleaning. We’ll treat your carpet for any stains left by your dog or cat.

If left untreated, urine stains can lead to unpleasant consequences. You don’t want to deal with:

  • Lingering smells
  • Discoloration
  • Ammonia exposure
  • Pets marking territory
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Make your house smell nice again with pet odor removal

Even if you try not to let the dog on the furniture, you’ll still end up with pet smells all over the house. Freshen up your home with our pet odor removal services. We know how to eliminate pet odors from upholstery, carpets and couches.

Our treatments leave your home free of odors. The chemicals we use are also safe for your animals, so once we’re done deodorizing your dog’s bed, the dog can jump right back on it.

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